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Physical Wellness - The body achieves what the mind believes.

Physical Wellness is typically the most common thought of wellness within in the dimensions of wellness wheel. When asked "How are you feeling today?" it is typically directed towards physical health. It's one of the easiest ways to relate to people.

Physical Wellness consists of good eating habits, physical exercise, avoiding harmful habits, going to doctor's visits, basically having respect for your own body and keeping it out of harm's way.

How you take care of yourself each day not only effects your present state of Physical Wellness, but also your future self as well.

Natural Living for You encourages you to:

  • Balance and integrate your physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, financial, social, intellectual and occupational aspects.

  • Make lifestyle choices that promote wellness, including living toxin-free and using Natural Product Alternatives.

  • Participate actively in your health decisions and healing processes.

  • Maintain healthy and respectful relationships with others, the environment and the world.

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