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Natural Seizure Remedies For Brain Seizure Control

Remain Seizure Free! Prevent Seizures Naturally

Find Your Natural Seizure Remedies Here! An herbal seizure remedy for brain seizure control helps maintain healthy neural and electrical brain activity to help prevent seizures, without side-effects.

Feel better and alleviate epilepsy seizures and other seizure disorders with natural seizure remedies. They are safe, chemical-free and without the risk of side effects!

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Native Remedies - Epi-Still
A 100% natural, safe herbal seizure remedy for brain and nervous system health, helping maintain healthy neural and electrical activity in the brain to prevent seizures for brain seizure control.

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Help to Remain Seizure Free

When the brain functions normally, a multitude of tiny electrical signals are produced by the nerve cells of the brain and other parts of the body. With a seizure there is a short, temporary disturbance within the electrical system of the brain.

A seizure may result from an infection, low blood sugar, poisoning, head injury or even a drug overdose. Any medical problem affecting the brain can also cause a seizure, such as brain tumor or lack of oxygen to the brain.

A seizure is often preceded by warning signs including unusual sensations, smells or tastes. After a seizure, the individual may have a headache, sore muscles, experience unusual sensations, feel confused and tired. When seizures recur, the condition is known as epilepsy.

Conventional Treatment for Brain Seizure Control

Anti-epileptic drugs (a.k.a anticonvulsant drugs) are used to prevent seizures that are severe or occur frequently. These drugs are known to decrease the incidence of seizures, as well as the severity.

Anti-convulsant drugs have varying success rates but can often, especially when used in combination, control epilepsy seizures very effectively once an appropriate dose has been established.

As with most prescription medications, no anticonvulsant drugs are without side-effects. These include dizziness, clumsiness, trembling and stuttering, changes in behavior, confusion and depression, appetite and weight changes, skin reactions, digestive discomfort and even hair loss.

Irreversible liver damage is the most significant, long-term risk of anticonvulsant drugs. While using a combination of drugs can improve brain seizure control, it also increases side-effect risks.

Natural Seizure Remedies to Prevent Seizures

A gentler option to help prevent seizures is an herbal seizure remedy. This natural approach contains a combination of herbal ingredients that are safe and highly effective, without the unwanted side effects of anti-epileptic drugs.

Maintain healthy neural & electrical brain activity with an herbal seizure remedy, without side-effects!

Natural Seizure Remedies - Tips to Remain Seizure Free and Prevent Seizures


  • The artifical sweetener aspartame
  • Alcohol
  • Any food that appears to trigger attacks or may interact with anticonvulsants
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