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ReGrow Plus - Natural Hair Loss Remedy
Stop Hair Loss & Grow Hair Faster

Native Remedies


Native Remedies ReGrow Plus - ReGrow Plus is a blend of carefully chosen herbal ingredients known for their supportive capacity to promote healthy circulation, routine hormonal balance and support healthy thyroid functioning, thereby encouraging healthy hair and nail growth.

Used regularly, ReGrow Plus can promote healthy, strong hair by supporting the body's natural ability to stimulate and nourish the tiny hair follicles to produce abundant hair.

Use ReGrow Plus to:

  • Promote healthy hair growth
  • Encourage healthy blood supply and circulation to the hair follicle and scalp
  • Discourage common age-related hair loss
  • Support the thyroid and all mechanisms involved in hormonal balance in the body
  • Support the body's ability to obtain nutrients from food, thus promoting healthy, strong hair

How Long Until I See Results?

Although the supportive action to the body's natural nourishing and stimulating process begins within a few days, remember that hair grows slowly and you may only begin to see results after a few months. Routine nail health and strength is also supported.

Caution: Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established.

For best results and ongoing support, use with ReGrow Scalp Massage Oil.

::  Proven Therapeutic Herbal Natural Remedies  ::  One Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee  ::


Native Remedies' products are created using their Full Spectrum Approach (FSA), a set of standards and processes that combines the best quality, laboratory-tested, raw ingredients, good manufacturing practices and a Full Spectrum manufacturing method to guarantee you products of the highest quality, safety and effectiveness.

This product contains no animal products, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, is suitable for lacto-vegetarians, is not tested on animals, and backed by a One Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

ReGrow Plus includes the following herbal ingredients:

  • Ginkgo biloba is an herb from the Far East and has been grown in temple gardens for thousands of years. Active ingredients include flavone glycosides (including ginkgolide), bioflavins, sitosterol, lactones and anthocyanin. Ginkgo biloba has been studied for its benefits on blood with regards to circulation. (Pittler MH, Ernst E. "Ginkgo biloba extract for the treatment of intermittent claudication: a meta-analysis of randomized trials". Am J Med. 2000;108:276-281). (Jung F, Mrowietz C, Kiesewetter H, et al. "Effect of Ginkgo biloba on fluidity of blood and peripheral micro-circulation in volunteers". Arzneimittelforschung. 1990;40:589-593) (Muir AH, Robb R, McLaren M, et al. "The use of Ginkgo biloba in Raynaud's disease: a double-blind placebo-controlled trial". Vasc Med.  2002;7:265-7).
  • Rosmarinus officinale is an herb which originated in the Mediterranean and is regarded in folklore as a symbol of remembrance, for good reason. It is an excellent tonic and systemic supporter and plays a supportive role on the circulatory system, also promoting peripheral and systemic blood flow, thereby allowing nutrient rich blood to reach the hair follicles. Studies have indicated that Rosemary can promote healthy cerebral blood flow. (Pointel JP, Boccalon H, Cloarec M, Ledevehat C, Joubert M. Angiology 1987;38(1 Pt 1):46-50).
  • Xanthoxylum clavaherculis is a circulatory supporter and promotes normal blood flow to the extremities.
  • Equisetum arvense is rich in minerals, especially silica, which is an important part of all connective tissues in the body, as well as hair and nails.
  • Achillea millifolium is also a circulatory supporter and tonic.
  • Avena sativa is a general nerve tonic that is also used as a mechanism to support the thyroid and all mechanisms involved in hormonal harmony.
  • Echinacea purpurea has gained worldwide fame for its supportive action on the immune system. (S.H. Yale "Echinacea purpurea therapy for the treatment of the common cold: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial". Alternative Medicine Review. Sept 2004).

(ReGrow Plus contains no animal products, gluten, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives)

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