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One square inch of skin has 650 sweat glands, 65 hair follicles, 234 feet of nerves, 57 feet of capillaries, 19,000 sensory cells, 94 sebaceous (oil) glands, 1250 pain receptors, 13 cold and 78 heat receptors, plus Langerhans (immune) cells. 

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Your skin absorbs chemicals into your bloodstream and tissue.  It is not a barrier to them!

Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils

Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils can be applied topically through dilution in a base carrier oil for aromatherapy bath products or in floral water for a beneficial aromatherapy spray. Pure essential oils can also be used in a diffuser to create a specific mood or atmosphere.

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The essential oils offered by Mountain Rose Herbs are 100% pure steam distilled plant oils with an unsurpassable fragrance, exceptional depth, magnificent keynote, and are free of carriers, diluents and other inputs. Mountain Rose Herbs offers one of the nations largest selections of certified organic essential oils.
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What is Aromatherapy and What Are Essential Oils?

Pure essential oils are extracted from the same herbs and plants to create more than 80% of modern pharmaceutical medicines!

Pure essential oils are generally metabolized out of the body after four hours; therefore, there is no residue build-up or the resulting side effects that are often associated with pharmaceuticals.

Essential oils are the natural by-product of plant metabolism and are considered to be the liquid immune system of the plant. They are subtle, volatile liquids distilled from shrubs, flower petals, stems, bark, leaves, roots, rinds, grasses, bushes, and seeds.

Essential Oils are oxygenating and help transport nutrients to the cells of our body. Without oxygen, nutrients cannot be assimilated, so the oxygenating essential oils can help us maintain our health.

Essential oils are chemically very complex, consisting of hundreds of different chemical compounds. Moreover, they are highly concentrated and far more potent than dried herbs.

The distillation of an entire plant may produce only a singe drop of essential oil. Essential oils are also different from vegetable oils, such as corn oil, peanut oil, and olive oil. They are not greasy and do not clog the pores like vegetables oil can.

How do you use essential oils?

Each oil is unique and has marvelous applications which are as varied as Nature herself. Essential oils can be used in a diffuser, either electric or candle-type, mixed with water to use as a spray, blended into a carrier oil for topical use, or added to soaps, lotions, and other body care products depending on the therapeutic properties and the desired effect.

How do essential oils work?

Essential oils are generally most effective via inhalation or absorption through the skin and are very efficient in leaving the body through exhalation and perspiration. They are generally metabolized out of the body after four hours; therefore, there is no residue build-up or the resulting side effects that are often associated with pharmaceuticals.

How are essential oils obtained from plants?

There are two main methods of extraction: Steam Distillation & Expression.

  • Steam distillation - The primary method of extraction is steam distillation whereby steam is pressurized through plant materials to diffuse and evaporate the oils, then capturing the evaporated essence until it condenses back into a liquid. This is considered to be the purest way to extract an essential oil.
  • Expression - The only oils obtained from this method come from citrus peels because they contain high volumes of essential oil. The plant material is pressed to release the liquid substance which is then filtered for the valuable essential oil. Many vegetable oils used as "carrier" oils in Aromatherapy are cold-pressed in the same manner as the citrus oils are obtained.

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Natural Essential Oils; Organic Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oils

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