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Remedies for Natural Weight Loss 
Safely Lose Weight Naturally Without Side-Effects

Use proven homeopathic herbal remedies that help support your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing!

Feel better and fight obesity with natural weight loss remedies. They are natural, chemical-free and without the risk of side effects!

:: Natural Weight Loss Remedies :: Lose Weight Naturally Without Harmful Side-Effects ::

Native Remedies - EcoSlim
A non-addictive natural herbal weight loss supplement formulated for adults. EcoSlim is effectively used as part of a total slimming program to safely support healthy metabolism, energy levels and systemic balance in the stomach and digestive system, without harmful side effects and without stimulants.

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Native Remedies - Slimmer's Assist
A combination of three, cellular-supporting tissue salts each selected for their supportive effect on metabolism and digestion. Safe to use for all ages, from infancy to old age, as well as during pregnancy.

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Lose Weight Naturally and Keep it Off!

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, where nearly one in three is obese. Obesity is not just a cosmetic consideration, it is a dire health dilemma! In the United States alone, roughly 300,000 deaths per year are directly related to obesity, and more than 80% of these deaths are in patients with a BMI over 30. Obesity increases the risk of developing a number of chronic diseases.

Modern living often means a diet of fast foods and quick energy needs which can lead to obesity. The most common causes of obesity are overating, eating the incorrect foods and physical inactivity. Comfort eating, or eating to fulfill emotional needs is another important cause of weight problems.

While fashion dictates that we need to be slim and attractive, many people embark on a series of yo-yo diets or even purging in order to lose weight and conform to society's vision of beauty. This may lead to short-term weight loss, but in the long run it disturbs the metabolism and makes the weight more and more difficult to lose.

Isn't it strange that so many people are always dieting, yet the numbers of obese and overweight people are rising every year? Years of dieting have even been shown to cause slow metabolism which can lead to weight gain.

Safely and naturally lose weight without the side effects of diet pills with natural weight loss remedies! 

What Causes Obesity?

While there are a number of causes of obesity, it is most commonly the result of consuming more calories each day that can be burned for energy. If the body does not use the amount of calories it consumes, they are stored as fat and the result is weight gain.

When this ratio of consumed versus expended calories gets out of hand, obesity is often the result. This however is a simplified look at the problem, as obesity has multiple causes which usually occur in combination.

Natural Weight Loss Remedies

Ideally our lifestyle should focus on preventing obesity with a healthy diet and execise routine. Preventing obesity and the ailments that can come along with it can significantly improve your quality of life.

If you are currently suffering from obesity, you should get treatment as soon as possible. Obesity is a serious health ailment that needs to be addressed and treated promptly.

There are a number of treatment options including drug therapy, psychotherapy, surgery, lifestyle changes and natural weight loss remedies and it is important that you weigh each option before making a decision.

Stimulant-free, natural weight loss remedies support healthy weight management, without side-effects!

Tips for Eating Healthy and Preventing Obesity

Consume Plenty of:

  • Liquids such as water and juice, to wash away metabolic wastes

Eat Moderate Amounts of:

  • Complex carbohydrates, such as pasta, potatoes, rice legumes and whole-grain products, for energy, vitamins and fiber
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits for vitamins and minerals
  • Fish and skinless poultry for high-quality protein and minerals
  • Low-fat dairy prouducts for vitamins and calcium


  • High-fat items, such as candy, pastries, fatty meats and potato chips
  • Alcohol
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