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Natural Liver Remedies for Liver Support

Naturally Help Prevent Liver Disease

Find Your Natural Liver Remedies Here! Help prevent liver disease with an herbal liver remedy to support liver health without harmful side-effects.

Liver health maintenance responds well to a holistic approach, including natural liver remedies, avoidance of alcohol, drugs and other toxins as well as a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Support healthy liver functioning with an herbal liver remedy. It's natural, chemical-free and without the risk of side-effects!

:: Natural Liver Remedies to Help Prevent Liver Disease and Support Liver Health ::

Native Remedies - Liver Dr.
A 100% natural, safe herbal liver remedy to help support liver health and to maintain healthy liver functioning. This herbal liver remedy helps the liver resist damage from toxins and disease, thereby improving overall systemic health.

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Support Liver Health with Natural Liver Remedies

The liver is the second largest organ in the body and is often considered the most important. It has a huge variety of functions and is the only organ that can repair and re-grow itself after damage.

In traditional Chinese medicine, a healthy liver is seen as the most critical element in the body's ability to fight disease and to function optimally. Natural liver remedies are an effective option to support liver health.

How to Prevent Liver Disease and Liver Cirrhosis

The liver is subject to a range of disorders and diseases. Liver functioning remains consistent so, in the absence of disease, the liver should work optimally right into very old age.

The most common diseases affecting the liver are viral hepatitis and alcoholic liver disease. Although Hepatitis A is usually a transient infection, both Hepatitis B and C can be serious and progress to chronic liver disease, even causing liver cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Liver Cirrhosis can be due to any long-term, continuous cause of liver damage. These include excess alcohol consumption, Hepatitis B and C and inherited liver disease. Once cirrhosis develops, the process cannot be reversed, even if the underlying cause improves.

Alcoholic liver disease does not affect everyone who drinks alcohol. Though it is dependent on the amount of alcohol consumed over time, some people are more susceptible to the adverse effects of alcohol.

Conventional Liver Treatment

Conventional liver treatment depends on the condition. Medications commonly prescribed are anti-viral drugs for viral hepatitis, steroids for auto-immune disorders and iron-removing or copper-removing medications in the inherited disorders hemochromatosis and Wilson's disease.

Medications with very unpleasant and dangerous side-effects when combined with alcohol are commonly prescribed to try and keep people who are dependant on alcohol from drinking.

Once anti-viral drugs used to prevent virus replication in Hepatitis B and C are discontinued, relapse is common.

Many common prescription and over-the-counter drugs can be toxic to the liver and can severely worsen liver functioning.

In extreme and irreversible cases of liver damage, such as liver failure due to cirrhosis, liver transplant is the only long-term effective therapy.

Herbal Liver Remedy Options

Left untreated, many liver diseases will lead to permanent and irreversible damage to the liver and can be a significant threat to health.

Liver problems respond well to a holistic approach, including natural liver remedies, avoidance of alcohol, drugs and other toxins as well as a healthy diet.

These measures can prevent organ damage, improve liver functioning and ward off irreversible changes due to toxins.

As conventional treatment options are limited and liver transplants are uncommon, a holistic approach to liver dysfunction and disease is an excellent option to help keep this vital organ healthy and functioning well into old age.

An herbal liver remedy helps to maintain optimal liver function and prevent liver disease, without side-effects!

How To Prevent Liver Disease - Foods to Eat/Avoid to Support Liver Health - Natural Liver Remedies

Consume Plenty of:

  • Fish, dark green vegetables, beans and vegetable oils for omega-3 fatty acids
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals
  • Small meals and snacks, if they are more appealing than large meals
  • Protein from plant sources, such as a combination of legumes and grains (but keep overall protein intake low)

Cut Down on:

  • Proteins from animal sources


  • Alcohol in all forms
  • Saturated fats
Natural Liver Remedies - Support Liver Health - Herbal Liver Remedy - How to Prevent Liver Disease

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