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Natural Fertility Supplements
Natural Infertility Treatment Without Risk of Multiple Births

For thousands of years holistic herbal fertility remedies have been used to enhance fertility in women for natural infertility treatment.

An herbal infertility remedy can have a positive effect on the hormonal system, reproductive organs, and sex drive. Plus, it's safe, chemical-free and without the risk of harmful side-effects!

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Native Remedies - Fertile XX Female Herbal Infertility Remedy
A 100% safe, herbal infertility remedy for natural infertility treatment promotes and supports fertile conditions. An effective herbal infertility remedy for women.

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Native Remedies - Fertile XY Male Fertility Supplement
A 100% safe, natural male fertility supplement containing a selection of herbs that support healthy sperm production and function. An effective herbal infertility remedy for men.

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Natural Infertility Treatment Options

Infertility affects millions of couples. Many undergo months to years of expensive and frustrating infertility treatment without results.

While some infertility causes can only be corrected with surgery, herbal fertility remedies have been used successfully for thousands of years to increase fertility for natural infertility treatment.

About Female Infertility

It may normally take a few months to get pregnant, however help may be needed if a woman has not become pregnant within a year.

Common causes of infertility in sexually active women include genetic factors, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, early miscarriage, scarring or obstruction of the fallopian tubes, hormonal imbalance, cigarette smoking, obesity, excessive exercise, emotional factors, drug abuse and stress.

About Male Infertility

Mature, healthy and mobile sperm in sufficient quantities is required to ensure egg fertilization. The ability to achieve and sustain an erection long enough to ejaculate and deposit sperm in the female reproductive tract is also important for natural conception.

Common causes of male infertility include genetic factors, heat, tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse, sperm antibodies, inadequate testosterone production, stress, scarring of the reproductive tract, some prescription drugs, pesticides and other chemicals.

Herbal Fertility Remedies

When no structural or genetic causes of infertility are found, natural fertility supplements can help improve fertility and ensure the male and female reproductive systems are in peak health to increase the chances of conceiving a baby.

If you are struggling to conceive, herbal fertility remedies and natural fertility supplements can help treat the problems making it difficult to get pregnant, ensuring all systems in the reproductive process are operating normally and therefore increasing the chances of conception.

Herbal fertility remedies for natural infertility treatment provide safe fertility options, without harmful side-effects!

Tips for Natural Infertility Treatment

Consume Plenty of:

  • Fish, shellfish, lean meat, legumes and fortified breads and cereals for B vitamins, iron and zinc
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables for vitaimn C and beta carotene
  • Dairy products for calcium
  • Wheat germ, seeds, eggs, poultry and seafood for vitamin E

Cut Down on:

  • All sources of caffeine


  • Alcohol and smoking
  • Becoming overweight or underweight
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