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Natural Hyperthyroidism Remedies

Soothe & Normalize an Over Active Thyroid Gland

Natural hyperthyroidism remedies help support healthy thyroid functioning and soothe an over active thyroid gland naturally.

Choose an herbal hyperthyroid remedy for natural overactive thyroid treatment. It's natural, chemical-free and without the risk of side-effects!

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Native Remedies - ThyroSoothe
A 100% safe, herbal hyperthyroid remedy helps to soothe and normalize an over active thyroid gland for natural overactive thyroid treatment and without harmful side-effects.

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Natural Overactive Thyroid Treatment

Hyperthyroidism is a common disorder of the thyroid gland, located just below the Adam's Apple. This gland influences many bodily functions, such as physical growth and development, metabolism, fertility and body temperature.

An over active thyroid gland produces too much of the T3 and T4 hormones, causing the body to use energy faster than it should and results in hyperthyroidism.

Help for an Over Active Thyroid Gland

Common conventional hyperthyroidism treatments include radioactive iodine, betablockers, anti-thyroid medications and surgery (thyroidectomy).

Although conventional drugs may quickly balance the thyroid, they can have side effects such as itching, rash, fever, liver inflammation or a deficiency of white blood cells. Hyperthyroidism often returns after discontinuing these drugs.

For this reason, conventional medicine often recommends radioactive iodine treatment or surgical removal of all or part of the thyroid.

After these procedures, the body is no longer able to produce thyroid hormones, which then have to be supplemented by synthetic hormones or hormones of animal origin (bovine or porcine). It may be difficult to achieve the correct balance and many people continue to suffer from symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Natural Hyperthyroidism Remedies

Left untreated, hyperthyroidism can be a significant threat to health and may cause serious complications.

An herbal hyperthyroid remedy can help calm and regulate an over active thyroid, removing the need for radioactive iodine treatment or surgery.

Natural hyperthyroidism remedies help soothe an over active thyroid gland, without the negative side effects of prescription drugs. Common herbs traditionally used to soothe an overactive thyroid include bugleweed (Lycopus virginica), lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) and motherwort (Leonuris cardica).

An herbal hyperthyroid remedy should be investigated as part of a broader natural overactive thyroid treatment plan. It's best to discuss these options with your doctor or consult a homeopath or naturopath for advice.

An herbal hyperthyroid remedy provides safe, natural overactive thyroid treatment, without harmful side-effects!

Natural Hyperthyroidism Remedies - Tips for Natural Overactive Thyroid Treatment

Consume Plenty of:

  • Seafood, dark green leafy vegetables, deep yellow or orange fruits and vegetables, fortified cereals and low-fat dairy products for iodine and vitamin A

Cut Down On and Avoid:

  • Alcohol and caffeine
  • Smoking
  • High-dose kelp supplements

Abuse of Hormones

Some overly weight-conscious people take thyroid hormones as a diet aid. This can have dangerous results, including drug-induced hyperthyroidism, metabolic abnormalities and irregular heartbeats. Thyroid pills should be taken only under careful medical supervision, never for weight control.

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