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Natural Cold Remedies
Natural Cold Relief Without The Side-Effects

A homeopathic cold remedy provides herbal cold relief and speed up recovery, naturally! Plus, all natural cold medicine is safe and stimulant-free!

For safe and effective herbal cold relief choose natural cold remedies and feel better fast, without the worry of harmful side-effects!

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Native Remedies - Throat and Tonsil Dr.
A 100% natural cold medicine helps soothe the throat and tonsils and supports the body's natural ability to resist and fight infection, providing herbal cold and sore throat relief.

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Native Remedies - ImmunityPlus
A 100% natural remedy safely maintains the body's natural ability to fight viral and bacterial infections and boost immune system health.

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Native Remedies - Sniffly Sprinkles
A 100% safe, all natural cold medicine provides herbal cold relief to keep noses clear, maintain easy breathing and healthy, open chests in children.

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Native Remedies - KiddieBoost
A 100% safe homeopathic immune system booster for children.

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Homeopathic Cold Remedy for Herbal Cold Relief

A cold is very common, with more than 200 viral causes, and is very easy to catch. A person with a cold is usually contagious a day before developing cold symptoms and about five days after. The virus is easily spread through sneezing, coughing and sharing objects handled by an infected person.

Cold symptoms include feeling tired, sneezing, coughing, a sore throat and having a runny nose, followed with nasal congestion. While colds and flu can cause many of the same symptoms, a cold is generally milder, while flu tends to be more severe and longer lasting.

Natural Cold Remedies and All Natural Cold Medicine

Common cold symptoms are usually treated with bed-rest and symptomatic medication until the immune system overcomes the infection. Unfortunately, traditional medications often come with unwanted side-effects.

Antibiotics are not effective against viruses and only help in the case of secondary infections. They also rob the body of important "good" bacteria. All natural cold medicine can provide safe and effective herbal cold relief.

A popular homeopathic cold remedy is chicken soup, but when that won't do the trick, nature prescribes a few all natural cold remedies of it's own. Natural cold remedies can soothe common cold symptoms and speed up recovery fast, without harmful side-effects.

A homeopathic cold remedy and natural cold medicine provide safe and effective herbal cold relief.

Natural Cold Remedies - Foods to Eat/Avoid

 Eat Plenty of:

  • Fruits and vegetables for vitamin C
  • Wheat germ, dried peas and beans, seafood and meat for zinc
  • Garlic and hot peppers which may act as natural decongestants
  • Fluids to loosen phlegm


  • Alcohol in any form
Natural Cold Remedies; All Natural Cold Medicine; Homeopathic Cold Remedy; Herbal Cold Relief

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