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Child Night Terror Treatment
End Children Night Terrors Naturally

A natural child night terror treatment promotes sweet dreams, night-time comfort and restful sleep in toddlers and children suffering from night terrors.

Natural child sleep aids are stimulant-free and help your child maintain normal, restful sleep patterns.

Promote night time peace and harmony for your child with an all natural sleep aid, without the worry of addictive and harmful side-effects!

Child Night Terror Treatment : Natural Sleep Aid : Children Night Terrors and Nightmares : Help Child Sleep Aids

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A 100% all natural sleep aid formulated especially for toddlers and children to provide night-time comfort, promote healthy sleep patterns and help child sleep.

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Natural Child Sleep Aids - Child Night Terror Treatment

Children night terrors are a common childhood sleep disorder. They are characterized by extreme terror and fear while sleeping and the inability to fully wake up. Episodes last between a few minutes to an hour, and generally a child has no recollection of the event.

What is the difference between nightmares and night terrors?

Nightmares occur during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, also known as dream sleep, whereas night terrors occur during slow wave sleep or deep sleep.

A child having a nightmare often wakes up with memory of a bad dream. A child having a night terror is aware of the fear, but little else. In most cases, the only memory is a distinct feeling of danger. Many children wake with no memory of what happened at all.

Can an all natural sleep aid help child sleep?

Children night terrors, most common between the age of 2 to 6, affect approximately 15% of all children. Children night terrors usually disappear with age, however there are ways of preventing recurring episodes.

Prescription medication is generally not a common child night terror treatment. While Benzodiazepine medications can reduce night terrors, they have serious side-effects and are not recommended for children.

Natural child sleep aids are effective for child night terror treatment, restore healthy sleep patterns and help child sleep, without harmful side-effects.

Natural child sleep aids for children night terrors and nightmares will safely help child sleep, without harmful side-effects!

Natural Child Sleep Aids to Help Child Sleep - Tips for Preventing Children Night Terrors

  • Don't shake your child awake or hug tightly - This adds to their fear and need to escape
  • Stay with your child until he/she falls back asleep - Being there comforts and reduces anxiety
  • Turn lights on and create a calm atmosphere - This is comforting and helps gently wake your child
  • For sleep walking, gently guide your child back to bed without waking - Put safety measures into place
  • Put a good bedtime routine into practice - This helps ensure sufficient sleep and sense of safety and security
Child Night Terror Treatment; Help Child Sleep Aids; Children Night Terrors and Nightmares; All Natural Sleep Aid

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