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Herbal Anxiety Remedies for Child Anxiety Treatment
Natural Childhood Anxiety Help

Naturally help a child with anxiety, fear or shyness without harmful sedatives or addictive prescription drugs. Herbal anxiety remedies for childhood anxiety facilitate calmed mood and help support feelings of emotional wellness naturally.

For natural child anxiety treatment, choose a safe and effective natural anxiety remedy for children. It's non-addictive, sedative-free and without risks of harmful side-effects!

:: Herbal Anxiety Remedies for Natural Child Anxiety Treatment :: Natural Anxiety Remedy for Childhood Anxiety ::

Native Remedies - K-OK Kiddie Calmer
A 100% natural, FDA registered homeopathic natural anxiety remedy for children helps support balanced emotion and reduces fears, phobias and shyness in children, without risks of addiction, sedation and other harmful side-effects.

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Do You Have a Child With Anxiety?

It's normal for children to experience anxieties at specific developmental stages. However, some children are more anxious than others and need additional reassurance or help from a professional, especially if an anxiety disorder is suspected. Childhood anxiety becomes a problem if it affects daily routine and functioning, or causes significant distress.

Natural Child Anxiety Treatment - A Safe Alternative to Prescription Drugs

The conventional approach to treating anxiety disorders is with prescription drugs. Unfortunately, after diagnosing a child anxiety disorder, doctors often prescribe high schedule psychiatric drugs as a first option. Before agreeing to this form of child anxiety treatment, thoroughly research the drug's side-effects and potential for addiction. Seek a second opinion if you are not happy with your doctor's advice.

Safer alternatives for child anxiety treatment exist. It's not necessary to subject children to side-effects and addiction of psychiatric drugs. Thoroughly research all options before deciding what's best for your child. Herbal anxiety remedies are viable alternatives for natural child anxiety treatment.

Herbal Anxiety Remedies for Childhood Anxiety

A natural anxiety remedy can safely help your child with anxiety. Herbal anxiety remedies for children can bring peace of mind naturally, and can be just as effective as prescription anxiety drugs, without harmful side effects or addiction.

Common natural anxiety remedy herbs include Hypericum perforatum (St John's Wort), Passiflora incarnata, Scuttelaria laterifolia (Scullcap), as well as carefully formulated homeopathic herbal anxiety remedies for childhood anxiety.

When using a natural anxiety remedy for childhood anxiety in conjunction with prescription drugs, be sure to discuss this with your doctor.

A natural anxiety remedy relieves childhood anxiety, without sedatives or harmful side-effects!

Natural Child Anxiety Treatment - Tips for Treating Childhood Anxiety

  • Encourage your child to discuss fears with you
    • Children who are encouraged to talk about their concerns will feel comforted and less alone.
  • Reassure and comfort your child
    • Children need reassurance they are safe and understood. It's important not to trivialize their feelings.
  • Teach your child relaxation techniques
    • Empowering techniques like deep breathing during anxious moments, counting to 10 or self-soothing statements help.
  • Plenty of warning before change
    • Explaining new situations in advance in a simple manner helps a child feel more secure and less anxious.
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