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Choose the Best Businesses for Supporting ALL Dimensions of Health and Wellness!

We know it's not easy to make the "right choices" for a healthy lifestyle in today's fast paced environment. We're here to help! We've done the dirty work and organized the best natural products directory online for supporting optimum physical wellness and overall holistic health and wellness!

If you use mainstream products on a daily basis, odds are you may develop one or more skin conditions like rashes, acne, dermatitis or eczema. Additionally, a more serious health condition could evolve from prolonged exposure to the unhealthy toxins found in every-day products! This severely impacts not only physical wellness, but other dimensions of health and wellness also!

This is because nearly two-thirds of all commercial, and some of the "so-called" natural, product lines contain a toxic cocktail combination of:

  • Carcinogens - Directly promote and facilitate cancer growth.
  • Teratogens - Cause birth defects.
  • Reproductive Toxins - Harm and impair male & female fertility.
  • Developmental Toxins - Cause adverse effects on fetal development.
  • Skin/Sense Organ Toxins - Cause irritation, rashes & dermatitis.
  • Allergenic Toxins - Cause allergic reactions.
  • Mutagens - Alter genetic information-DNA.

Our Eco and Ethical Mission
We search for companies and products that are good to you and the environment.
For our "stamp of approval", at least one of the following must apply:

Products are:
1) Made from only natural and/or organic materials or ingredients;
2) Toxin-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free;
3) Overall, friendly to the planet and its inhabitants.

Companies that make the products:
1) Operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner;
2) Adhere to internationally recognized fair trade practices;
3) Make consistent efforts to recycle and reuse resources.

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In order to combat what our chemical happy society has unleashed and to maintain optimum physical wellness, avoid products that contain the toxic ingredients that can harm your health and the environment, and use products made with natural and organic ingredients instead.

The best way to accomplish this, is to learn how to identify toxins in products and then confidently choose toxin-free, all natural product alternatives. This could take a lot of time and effort researching ingredients and testing products, but we've already done the dirty work here at Natural Living For You!

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