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Natural Body Odor Remedies
Eliminate Body Odor Naturally

Natural body odor remedies for bad body odor control, help you avoid the "stink" naturally.

Eliminate body odor naturally with an herbal body odor remedy. It's safe, chemical-free and without the risk of side effects!

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Native Remedies DeodoRite
A 100% safe herbal body odor remedy, supports the natural cleansing functions of the body for natural body odor control.

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Native Remedies - Detox Drops
A 100% natural body cleanse detox that contains a selection of herbs promoting liver health and well-being and will detox your body naturally.

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Natural Body Odor Remedies to Eliminate Body Odor

Body odor results from a combination of bacterial growth caused by a moist environment and waste products excreted during exertion or periods of raised metabolism.

On a daily basis, our bodies are subjected to a host of chemicals and toxins from food, personal care products and environmental pollution. Toxins accumulate and reduce functioning of the intestines, liver and kidneys. This clogging effect causes toxins to be excreted through the skin, leading to unpleasant and embarrassing body odor.

Certain foods, such as onion, garlic, spicy dishes, fried foods and coffee can dramatically, though temporarily, increase bad body odor. Poor dietary habits can also lead to constipation and micro-nutrient deficiencies, two other culprits of body odor.

Herbal Body Odor Remedy for Bad Body Odor Control

If no underlying medical cause for body odor is determined, an antiperspirant or deodorant product may help cover unpleasant body odor. However, external products will not get to the cause of an internal problem.

Additionally, synthetic deodorants and antiperspirants contain substances like aluminum, polyethylene and talc. These chemicals have been associated with many health problems including Alzheimer's, kidney disease and cancer.

Choose an organic or natural deodorant for bad body odor control to avoid harmful toxic ingredients. An herbal body deodorant remedy can safely help eliminate body odor from the inside-out, without harmful side-effects.

An herbal body odor remedy helps to eliminate body odor naturally for bad body odor control!

Natural Body Odor Remedies - Foods to Eat/Avoid for Body Odor Control

Eat Plenty of:
Lean beef, oysters, yogurt and whole-grain cereals for zinc plus green leafy vegetables, nuts and scallops for magnesium.

Cut Down on:
Foods high in choline (eggs, fish, liver and legumes) which can cause a fishy body odor.

Onions and garlic. Alcoholic beverages.

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