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Natural Asthma Remedies

Naturally Breathe Easier

Depending upon the severity, natural asthma remedies can often help reduce or eliminate the need for synthetic drugs for a natural asthma treatment plan.

For natural asthma control, choose an herbal asthma remedy. It's safe, chemical-free and without the risk of side-effects!

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Native Remedies - BioVent
A 100% safe, natural herbal asthma remedy that works as a natural respiratory tonic. Helps maintain respiratory health, healthy lungs, open air passages and easy breathing for natural asthma control.

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Native Remedies - Triple Complex BronchoSoothe Tissue Salts
A 100% natural, herbal asthma remedy containing specially selected biochemic tissue salts. Placed under the tongue, this herbal asthma remedy promotes easy, comfortable and normal breathing.

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Natural Asthma Control

Asthma treatment involves working with your health care provider. In most cases, the use of conventional medication and/or homeopathic, natural asthma remedies is recommended.

Conventional medicine generally treats asthma with a combination of preventative and quick-relief medications. These may include the frequent use of inhalers, anti-inflammatory medication, bronchodilators, corticosteroids, and anti-allergy medications.

While conventional treatment may sometimes be necessary (especially quick relief medications), many come with potentially dangerous side effects. Prolonged use has the potential to lower immune system health, resulting in increased asthma attacks, reduced resistance to allergens, and vulnerability to other illnesses.

Note: Do not stop your asthma medication without first consulting your doctor, a trained naturopath or homeopath for guidance.

Natural Asthma Remedies for Natural Asthma Treatment

Natural asthma remedies can provide effective natural asthma treatment. Depending on asthma severity, an herbal asthma remedy can reduce or eliminate the need for the synthetic drugs and inhalers. Natural asthma remedies are also safe to complement conventional asthma treatment.

There are a number of highly effective homeopathic, natural asthma remedies that may be used for successful natural asthma treatment.

Herbal ingredients such as Matricaria recutita and Astralagus are known for their antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, while homeopathic ingredients such as Mag. Phos. and Nat. Sulph are successful at easing chest and throat constriction and soothing mucous membranes while reducing the presence of phlegm in the chest.

Used regularly, natural asthma remedies can help improve respiratory health, reduce the incidence and severity of asthma attacks while strengthening the immune system.

An herbal asthma remedy helps maintain open airways, without harmful side-effects!

Natural Asthma Treatment Tips for Natural Asthma Control

Consume Plenty of:

  • Chicken soup, broth and other fluids to help thin bronchial mucus.
  • Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids to counter bronchial inflammation. (Canola oil, salmon, mackerel, sardines and other cold-water fish)
  • Tea (only if not sensitive to salicylates) is a source of theophylline, a bronchial muscle relaxant. (If taking a theophylline drug, avoid large amounts of tea to prevent overdose).


  • Any foods, including dairy products, or additives that seem to bring on attacks.
  • If allergic to mildew and other environmental molds, molds in food may trigger asthma. Foods include mushrooms, cheese, yeasty breads, hot dogs and other processed meats, and anything that is fermented, including soy sauce, beer, wine and vinegar.
  • Salicylates (an ingredient in aspirin) and a natural component in a number of fruits may trigger asthma.
  • Foods containing yellow food dye 5 (tartrazine) is similar to salicylate, but less potent.
  • Any food preserved with sulfites. Prevalent and potentially deadly, sulfites are especially common in dried fruits, dehydrated or instant soup mixes, instant potatoes, dough conditioners, wine, beer and carbonated drinks made with sulfur dioxide. Check food labels for any ingredient ending in sulfite; for example, potassium bisulfite, as well as sulfur dioxide.
Natural Asthma Remedies for Natural Asthma Treatment - Herbal Asthma Remedy for Natural Asthma Control

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