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One square inch of skin has 650 sweat glands, 65 hair follicles, 234 feet of nerves, 57 feet of capillaries, 19,000 sensory cells, 94 sebaceous (oil) glands, 1250 pain receptors, 13 cold and 78 heat receptors, plus Langerhans (immune) cells. 

Remember ...

Your skin absorbs chemicals into your bloodstream and tissue.  It is not a barrier to them!

Aromatherapy Soap

Aromatherapy Bar Soap

Get squeaky clean, plus enjoy the thereapeutic benefits of aromatherapy essential oils, without worrying about the harmful effects caused by the toxins found in commercial soap products.

Compare and shop for all natural aromatherapy bar soap products, or... find out how safe your bar soap is with our product ingredient review.

Treat your body right and avoid the toxins! Naturally keep your skin hydrated and clean with an aromatherapy bar soap!

Many commercial soaps can contain a variety of toxic and potentially harmful ingredients which may result in eye and skin irritations, allergic reactions and skin rashes ... Some ingredients are even known to cause cancer or other serious health conditions! 

PRODUCT COMPARISON :: Natural Aromatherapy Bar Soap Products

INGREDIENT REVIEW :: Natural Aromatherapy Soap Products

Use natural and organic soaps - They leave you feeling and smelling fabulous, and will NOT leave your skin full of toxic invaders!

Most conventional bar soaps can contain perfumes, synthetic FD&C dyes, mineral oil and other petroleum-based chemicals that can clog pores, irritate and dry your skin.  

They also may include harmful ingredients such as antibacterial chemicals, ammonia, formaldehyde, propylene glycol (a neurotoxin, known to cause contact dermatitis, kidney damage and liver abnormalities), phenol, BHA/BHT and hormone disrupting parabens.  

Advertising implies that using anti-bacterial cleansers will help protect your family against colds and flus. But colds and flus are viruses, and anti-bacterials have no effect on them at all. In fact, anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners are an unhealthy choice for several reasons:

  • In addition to being unnecessary, they expose us to harmful chemicals. The two most commonly used anti-bacterial chemicals are triclosan (a suspected immunotoxicant, suspected skin or sense organ toxicant, and creates dioxin (a carcinogen) as a by-product) and chloroxylenol - or PCMX (a suspected immunotoxicant and skin or sense organ toxicant, as well as a gastrointestinal or liver toxicant).
  • Anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners kill both beneficial and harmful bacteria.  By killing the beneficial ones, they actually leave us more vulnerable to the harmful ones we encounter. Children especially need exposure to some germs, to develop their immune systems.
  • Scientists are concerned that the widespread use of anti-bacterials contributes to the development of resistant bacteria which will need stronger doses of chemicals to eliminate. So when we need to kill harmful bacteria, like strep, staph and e-coli, it will be more difficult.
  • Anti-bacterial soaps may be more irritating and drying to skin.

The US Center for Disease Control says that anti-bacterial soaps are not necessary. They recommend that the simplest and most effective thing people can do to reduce the spread of infectious disease is to use effective hand washing, especially after using the bathroom and before preparing or eating food. Proper hand washing means rubbing hands under running water for at least 15 seconds.

 How Safe Are Your Bar Soaps?
 Commercial Bar Soap - Toxic Ingredient Review

Quite often, manufacturers use the least expensive products available without concerning thoughts about potential health risks to consumers ... This means you and your family!

It doesn't matter who or where you purchase the products from. What's important is to become an informed consumer and know how to spot the lies and read the labels ... We're here to help!

Your skin absorbs up to 60% of the ingredients (including the synthetic and toxic chemicals) found in the personal care products, skin care and cosmetics you use on a daily basis.

Absorbing natural and organic ingredients from plant oils and waxes, mineral pigments and essential oils is a smarter and healthier alternative!

Keep it simple and safe with all Natural Herbal Bar Soaps and look and feel fabulous! Choose Organic Bar Soap Products, because you ARE worth it!

Natural Aromatherapy Soap

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